K.L. Powers

Long years on the Navajo reservation as a working cowboy/bull rider infuses power and authenticity into the surrealist style of Kim Power’s western art.  The result is a truly unique, highly person style that creates “authentic surrealism” in a magical way found in no other western art today.  Entirely self taught, Kim’s creation and continuing development of a truly unique treatment of a largely traditional subject began in 1984 when he was asked to create a 20’ x 30’ mural portraying work in the gold fields of the Yreka, CA historic district.  Next came his first commercial art experience as a composite sketch artist.

From there, Kim has gone on to create a large body of work including watercolors and oils, and sculptures in stone, wood, and saguaro.  Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, galleries in Sante Fe, Sedona, Durango, and Scottsdale saw the creation of Kim’s unique authentic surrealism style.  His work is also displayed in the Maritime Museum in Baltimore and the Ronald Reagan ranch in California.  Kim deeply feels and his work powerfully reflects the joys and plights of the Indians as civilization encroaches on land and traditions.

Kim’s firsthand intimacy with their legends, lore, and ways is quite rare in our commercialized lives.  Kim is known for the intensely fine detail and accuracy that gives his portraits of Indian leaders Tecumseh, Geronimo, and Tomicheche a powerful sensation that the past is staring directly at you.

Such depth of feeling results in a commitment to quality through limited quantity and title commercialization.  Kim’s work is available as originals, limited edition prints, Giclee, and note cards.  Commissions, and personalization also available.

Using his knowledge and know-how from being a finish carpenter, Kim cuts, stains, and assembles each custom built frame.  From the rope and tacking to the leather around the corners.  Some of the frames can have upwards of 100 hand pounded tacks.

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