Ron Evans

Ron Evans’ interest in photography began at an
 early age with the gift of a camera for his sixth
 grade graduation. His love for photography has 
grown over the years. During college he worked as
 a photojournalist covering demonstrations against 
the Vietnam War in San Francisco and Berkeley.
 Also during this time, he worked freelance, having
 photos published in such magazines as Rolling 
Stone and Cycle World.

After college and before moving to Arizona in 1992, 
he worked as a portrait and wedding photographer 
at his studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ron has worked with such noted photographers as
 Al Weber, Cole Weston, and Jack Acrey. Ron’s true
love is climbing to that special place.
Whether it is in the back country of Sedona, or a mesa overlooking one of Arizona’s marvelous
 vistas, waiting for the light to become just perfect to capture the image of the Southwestern 
landscape. Ron’s Fine Art Photographic Prints are printed using the Giclée process.

To see a sampling of Ron’s photographic works of the Southwestern Landscape, simply click an image above!