Cecilia McGuire

Mountain Spirit Gallery is proud to welcome award winning bronze artist Cecilia McGuire to the gallery. Stop by the gallery to view Cecilia’s beautiful sculptures.

Virtual Tour

Mountain Spirit Gallery has added a virtual tour to the website, check it out. MSGPRESCOTT.COM Thanks , Ron

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Check out the new images that have been added. I still really enjoy getting out to create new work. I only wish it could be more often. Living in the southwest has been full of photo opportunities. I am so thankful to be able to do what I do. Thanks, Ron

Sculpture From Clay to Bronze : Part 8

After the completion of all of the above steps, a unique bronze sculpture will have been produced and can now be sold. Of course, if this piece sells and the sculptor wants to make another one, that sculptor will then have to return to the mother mold and go through all of the steps again in order to make another …

Sculpture From Clay to Bronze : Part 7

The patina is the color of the bronze. Patinazation is the process whereby a calculated chemical reaction between bronze, acidic chemicals, and high temperatures oxidize the surface of the metals. Certain chemicals will produce certain predictable colors when they are sprayed on the bronze and then heated. The patina process begins by heating(usually with a torch) the surface of the …

Sculpture From Clay To Bronze : Part 6

Metal chasing is the process of finishing the metal back to the appearance of the original. This process usually involves a fair amount of welding with a high frequency welder. Grinders are often used to remove spures. Angle grinders with a variety of different grades of Roloc pads are used to finish the surface of the bronze. Always start out …

Sculpture From Clay to Bronze : Part 5

When the ceramic shell is complete, it is placed in a high pressure sealed oven, known as an autoclave. High temperatures 1500 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure force the wax from the shell and the wax melts out, thus becoming lost. This is where the name Lost Wax Process has been derived. The wax has now left the shell, …