Claudette Barker

Capturing the beauty of nature is my goal. The continually changing landscape offers endless creative opportunities for light, color and design. My new series of paintings focus on exciting, saturated color. The colors are sunlit and vibrant and the objects and buildings are spontaneously painted to express a celebration of nature. Some of the new pieces are watercolor medium painted on a special finish canvas. The completed paintings are then sealed and varnished, allowing them to be framed without glass.  Hope you enjoy them!

claudetteI like the excitement of facing a blank canvas or watercolor surface. I usually start with soft, clear colors for an underpainting.  I then build on that, adding stronger color and value until I am satisfied with the final piece.  Originally painting in watercolor, I have added acrylic and oil mediums in more recent years;  each medium offers its special challenges and rewards!

For the past 25 years, I have been teaching watercolor and acrylic classes and regional workshops. Teaching allows me the opportunity to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with my students.

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