Drew Giffin

Drew Giffin bio picAs a bronze sculptor my work reflects a life-long interest in the Old West; specifically in the Western art and literature.  My desire is for my pieces to accurately portray early American history up to the present day.

Sculpture is one way that I strive to communicate with people who are intrigued of past times and eras and find it very exciting and fulfilling to respond to their needs with my pieces.  It’s my hope that I am able to portray the excitement of the romanticism of cowboy and Native American life in not only bronze, but terra cotta pieces as well.

Three dimensional art creates any emotions, not only as the creator, but also the viewer too.  And it wasn’t until later in life that the emotion/talent within me to create images of the past and merge them into the present enticed me to take on my dream and excitement of sculpting.

Living in Prescott, AZ has added much inspiration to my collection by seeing the Old West come alive in local downtown activities: reenactments of the west on the “square”, old fashioned shoot-outs, parades, etc.

I sincerely hope my pieces evoke the feelings of happiness to all of your senses and that it will inspire you to seek more knowledge of the history of our great country and heritage.

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