Collecting Western Art

Collecting Western Art in America and through out the world is still very strong. From Remington and Russell to the Cowboy Artist of America western art is very desirable . New artists are selling strong and the established artists are continuing to be successful. Young collectors are decorating their homes with original oil paintings, bronze sculptures and giclee prints. The art shows and auctions are seeing record sales.                                                                                                                     New collectors are realizing that if they see a piece of original art work that they love they better not hesitate because tomorrow it might be gone. The work of the deceased artists continue to become more and more valuable and harder to come by. Limited edition western bronzes become more valuable when the edition is sold out. The collecting of giclee prints on canvas have become an alternative to the collector who misses out on that original oil painting that was sold before they could make up their mind. Giclee prints on canvas can look very much like an original oil painting. What’s nice about giclee’s is that they are limited editions and in most cases offered in several different sizes. Here at Mountain Spirit Gallery in Prescott, Arizona we are offering Cowboy Artists of America Bill Owen’s giclee’s on canvas in several different sizes. Also featured in the gallery is Ron Evans’ landscape photography printed on canvas as well as paper in multiple sizes. Ron’s photography can also be printed as a custom size to fit that wall that acquires that need.                                             So take the time this spring to visit an  art show, auction or gallery to either start your collection or add that special piece that you have been thinking about. The Phippen show is coming up Memorial Day weekend so plan on visiting Prescott and while here stop in at Mountain Spirit Gallery and say hello. The gallery is located just across the street form the show on the west side of the courthouse in the middle of the block. Hope to see you soon and may God Bless.billowenlink