Jan Oden

Timeless TraditionsJan Oden was first exposued to the world of art at age 13 with private lessons by Jack Clifton, a well-known Virginia artist, and continued through high school, followed by two years of college studying fine art at RPI in Richmond Virginia.  She continued her artistic endeavors as an illustrator and graphic designer.  In her spare time, she developed a successful commercial art business, and created artwork for print and advertising, including business logo designs and stationary, promotional brochures and more.

In the winter of 1999, Jan took ceramics classes at Sedona Arts Center with the determination to be in the “business of art” and explore creative expressions just for pleasure.  By 2006, she became a permanent resident of Sedona, where she continued ceramics studies at Yavapai College Verde Campus in Clarkdale. In addition to ceramics instruction at Sedona Arts Center by Judi Morgenson and Dennis Ott, Jan has attended workshops given by Jack Troy, Tom Coleman, Jeff Perkins, Ken Rowe, Barbara Brown, and continues classes with Joyce Killibrew.

Jan attributes having these artists share their knowledge, expertise, and encouragement as a source of her romance with clay.

At 76, Janʼs immersion in clay continues to evolve, trying new techniques and experiments with different water-based clays and glazes.  If not working seriously on a fine art sculpture, she will be making colorful decorative wall hangings and articles for fun and relaxation.  Jan’s most endearing inspiration she says, comes from her husband, Clint, who not only built her studio for clay work, but also provides patience, encouragement, critiques, and assistance in all her creative endeavors.

When not working in clay, Jan is at work quilting.  She designs and creates applique patterns for quilting projects, mostly with a Southwest theme, as this Red Rock paradise provides all the subject matter needed for creative expression.