Lenell Deane

LeNell Deane- artist bioLeNell Deane’s sculptures convey the quiet and forgotten moments of life in the West: a young boy with his pups, a mother’s moment of reflection with her daughter, a woman’s face in the Wyoming wind, a lone Indian dancer. As an artist, LeNell’s interest in such subjects is a natural outgrowth of her past. She was raised as a native South Texan and her family’s ranching interests came part-and-parcel with her upbringing.
LeNell’s work has been recognized by peer review on numerous occasions. She has won Best of Show from the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts in San Antonio. She was named Artist of the Year in Kerrville, Texas, and has won First Place honors from the Texas Hill Country Arts Foundation. More recently, she received the Miller-Johnson Award for three-dimensional Work at the Bosque County Conservatory of Art and the Leonard J. Meiseiman Memorial Award at the Salmagmundi Club in New York City. She also took First Place in sculpture at the 24th Annual Phippen Western Art Show in Prescott, Arizona. Her bronzes have been exhibited in prestigious show around the nation.
LeNell has studied with and gained inspiration from some of the finest sculptors in the Western art community including: Fritz White, Mehl Lawson, Herb Mignery, Grant Speed, Bruce Greene, Garland Weeks, Jay Hester, Roy Grinnell and John Coleman.