Ron Lape

Ron was born in 1961 in Mansfield, Ohio.  He was raised and lived most of his life in a small rural town just a few miles south of his birthplace.  In the early years Ron was surrounded by nature and his art was representative of his environment.  Wildlife was his main focus until he found his real passion in the Native American Heritage and the Western culture.  He is very passionate about researching his subjects at length to ensure the accuracy of his depictions.

Through the years he has been able to sell both his wildlife art and western art in local and national exhibitions as well as complete commissioned portraits for individual art collectors. Ron is also a sculptor and has several pieces already bronzed with new work getting ready to go to the foundry.   Ron became a full time painter/sculptor and moved out West in 2017.

He lives with his wife, Lori, in Phoenix, Arizona and works out of his home studio.