Russell Parker

Bio – Russell L. Parker

Mountain men and Indians have long held a fascination for Russell L. Parker.  As a child growing up in the Torrance/Redondo Beach area of California, he loved staying with his uncle and cousins during the summers in the California Mountains where he was able to hunt and work outside.  As he grew, he loved reading about Forest Rangers and others who were able to live in and work with nature.  His adult years were spent as an MAI Commercial Real Estate Appraiser for which he was well respected.  However, his love remained with the mystique of the mountains and mountain men and Indians.  A chance meeting with a woodcarver in the summer of 2013, Russ began carving whimsical faces in cottonwood bark.  After studying the art form, as well as the clothing and tools of his subjects, he has now evolved into not only carving faces of Mountain Men and Indians in cottonwood bark, but also sculpting them in clay. Russell, can be found spending hours working in his shop/studio amongst the rugged mountain men and Indians who emerge from the wood and clay.  Some of these carvings along with clay sculptures have been turned into beautiful bronzes.